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Outdoor Activities Cardiff, South Wales 13.02.2020


WEATHER – Another week and another storm is coming in on the back of storm Ciara. This time its Dennis who is the menace, very high winds, driving rain, snow medium to low temperatures. The whole of the South wales area will be under siege again from this new storm system. The worst of the weather will be on the weekend with winds up to 50 mph South Westerlies and generally through the week the winds will be over 30 mph and from the South Westerly direction. Need to be very careful driving and there will be a lot of debris in the area due to the excessive high winds. (

RIVER LEVEL and TEMPERATURE – 0.82 meters high and 6 Degrees (
EXPECTED RIVER LEVEL OVER NEXT 72 HOURS – 0.82 -meters – 1.5 meters

GORGE WALKING, GORGE SCRAMBLING, CANYONING CONDITIONS REPORT 13.02.202 – Gorge Walking, Gorge Scrambling and Canyoning are all looking under threat this week. The rivers are already high at .82 meters so there will be no Canyoning through the whole of the week. The rain is predicted to be constant and hard every day especially on Saturday when heavy rain is predicted. As the rivers get to the 1.5 meter level on the Mellte River the events will be strictly swift water and need expert supervision and guidance. Most parts of the river will be totally inaccessible but certain parts may be accessible for river rapid challenges. This will need high caution and high expertise on all levels. The main view is to stay out of the rivers and take your camera and take pictures of the rivers and waterfalls in full flow. Its truly amazing.

COASTEERING CARDIFF, SWANSEA, PORTHCAWL, CARMARTHEN PREDICTED WEEKLY REPORT 13th February 2020 – Coasteering is definitely off the board this week ahead, storm Dennis has turned the seas into a dangerous place to be. Huge winds, huge swells, giant surf, stormy seas, massive rips all bad for coasteering across the region. Swells up to 16 feet and wind up to 50 mph especially on the weekend. Stay out of the water and get your camera to take some spectacular shots.

WIND –  Winds are huge this week and mainly from the South Westerly direction. General winds are 30 mph Westerly and South Westerly and up to 50 mph on the weekend. Winds will be high through the days with Storm Dennis coming in from the South and West causing the high winds.
SEA STATE and SWELL –  Very stormy seas this week, high winds, huge swells, massive surf through out the south wales region causing very turbulent sea conditions especially on the weekend with the wind up to 50 mph and the swell 16 feet.
SWELL and SURF FORECAST Thursday 13 February 2020 13ft/ Friday 14 February 2020 7ft / Saturday 15 February 2020 16ft /Sunday 16 February 2020 16ft/ Monday 17 February 2020 16ft / Tuesday 18 February 2020 10ft /Wednesday 19 February 2020 7ft / Thursday 13 February 2020 ft
HIGH TIDE – Thursday 13th February – 9.33pm / 9.32 meters WATER TEMPERATURE – 9 DEGREES

SUMMARY CONDITIONS REPORT FOR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES 13th January 2020- Time to get the cameras out this week with storm Dennis effecting all outdoor events with high winds and heavy rain. Gorge Walking, Gorge Scrambling and Canyoning are all looking out of the question with the bad weather. Coasteering is also a definite no go with very stormy seas and very high winds and sea swells.

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