Activities Report South Wales 03.11.2017

Gorge Walking, Gorge Scrambling & Canyoning Outdoor Activities in South Wales, Cardiff, Swansea

ACTIVITIES - Gorge Walking, Gorge Scrambling, Ghyll Scrambling, Canyoning

LOCAL AREA - Cardiff, Swansea, Brecon Beacons, Porthcawl.

SITE LOCATION - Waterfalls region, Brecon Beacons, Pontneddfechan, South Wales

RIVER LEVEL - As Of 03.11.2017 0.28 meters  (

WEATHER - Fine, Clear, Sunny, Dry, Temp 10 degrees ( (



Gorge and Canyoning in the Brecon Beacons is looking good for the next 72 hours, the river levels are perfect for all gorge related activities across the region. The weather is looking good for the whole period and into next week so conditions are looking perfect. The weather has been dry over the last few days and the rivers are flowing from the water saturated into the land. Conditions should stay good for the next few days

Coasteering Activities In Cardiff, Swansea & South Wales

ACTIVITIES - Coasteering, Tomb-stoning.

LOCAL AREA - Cardiff, Porthcawl, Swansea

SITE LOCATION - Ogmore By Sea, Caswell Bay, Langland Bay, Mewslade Bay.

WEATHER - Fine, Clear, Sunny, Dry, Temp 10 degrees (

WIND - Variable, light on Friday picking up over weekend (

SEA STATE AND SWELL - Small to medium swells, smallest 1 foot largest 5 foot picking up on weekend (



The swell today is non existent so the coasteering should be good today for later afternoon around 3pm on wards depending on the site, the weekend is looking windy with a large swell so would advise to stay out of the water and go surfing.  Monday is looking good across the region especially Ogmore, Caswell, Mewslade all close to Cardiff and Swansea areas, but Tuesday is looking big and blown out again. Keep watching the wind and the weather.

Surfing, Surf Kayaking, Beach Days and Paddle Boarding

ACTIVITIES - Surfing, Surf Ski, Paddle Boarding

LOCAL AREA - Cardiff, Porthcawl, Swansea

SITE LOCATION - Southerndown, Ogmore By Sea, Porthcawl, Aberavon, Caswell Bay, Langland Bay, Swansea.

WEATHER - Fine, Clear, Sunny, Dry, Temp 10 degrees, wind increasing on weekend (

SEA STATE AND SWELL - Flat on Friday, bigger more blown out swells on weekend, easing on Monday (



The surf is looking big and blustery for the weekend and the weather is getting colder so those winter swells are definately coming in now. Today on 03rd November is looking flat across the region and look to sheltered bays for the best surf conditions on the weekend, may ease off on Monday but back up again on Tuesday.

Cardiff, Swansea & South Wales Group Outdoor Activities

We have fantastic conditions again this weekend so were off up the mountains close to Cardiff and Swansea Canyoning and Gorge Walking, the waterfalls are in great flow and the weather bright and beautiful, accept for the wind but we can hide from that in the canyon. Rob and the lads on there stag weekend in Cardiff are with us for the usual fun and games. We shall keep you posted on face book with the pictures.

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