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Weekend Packages

Exciting stag and or hen weekend packages in Cardiff, Swansea and Porthcawl in South Wales.
Make the most of the beautiful and challenging, natural, outdoor environment in the South Wales combined with the exciting city centre nightlife

We'll take care of your accommodation, local transportation and look after you on your nights out.

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Surfing & bodyboarding




Our Surf School Center is situated in the heart of Porthcawl, near Cardiff and Swansea on South Wales’ surfing coast, Quest surf Centre is in the prime place to catch a wave anytime of the year!

Whether you want to become a pro surfer like Kelly Slater or just have fun in the surf, we can cater for everyone from complete novices whom have never seen a board prior to the activity to individuals whom are looking to improve their technique!

Our surf activities are very popular with individuals and groups alike, as it produces so many fantastic memories and great fun all round, watch your friends, family or colleagues slip and slide around the surfboard before conquering the wave’s , or taking a nose dive!

Our fully equipped center offers instruction, hire, supervision, advice and everything to cater for your surfing needs and requirements.

Price and duration

Surfboard Hire From – £7 For Full Day

Wetsuit Hire From- £5 For Full Day

Hire with Instruction From – £15 For Full Day

Hire with Supervision From – £25 For Full Day

Full instruction and Equipment Hire – £30 2-3 Hours

Day Full Course with Instruction and equipment Hire From – £50

Group Discounts Available, plus 1 in 10 go free. We are the longest establish, best and most cost effective Surf Center in South Wales.

Surfing is a fantastic experience from the very beginning, from your first brief, to when you get into the sea, your wipe out and then the thrill of your first wave. We have all experienced this here at Quest we want you to experience this to. After your first lesson or two you’ll be off and running, chasing the dream, it only takes the first few steps to get in the water and get going.

Our Surf Centre is the first stop for all your surfing gear, surf board hire, wet suits, surfing tuition, training, instruction and advice on local surfing conditions, also New and Used surf equipment sales and all accessories the best local surfing beaches and places to stay in Porthcawl.

Our fully trained watersports instructors are also expert in many other areas including Gorge walking, Coasteering, Scuba Diving, kayaking, and power boating with instruction, training and technical advice given in all areas. We offer scheduled or bespoke training courses tailored to your specific needs and location.

We have a full range of equipment hire, new and used sales and advice from our retail premises with a huge range of wetsuits, surf boards, board bags, leashes and all accessories and clothing.

its all happening  in  Porthcawl

Porthcawl is a mecca for surfers and watersports lovers in general as it is ideally situated, facing a westerly direction in the path of Atlantic Swells, on the South Wales coast. Porthcawl is also a traditional seaside town with a wealth of additional seaside attractions and places to stay. Whether you are looking for an upmarket hotel or a budget B&B Porthcawl has much to offer.

Porthcawl  Beaches

Rest Bay

Wave Type: beach break peaks Breaks Over: sand Best Tide: All tides Best Wind: Easterly Quality:Blue Flag award, Tidy Britain Seaside Award The most well-known spot in the Porthcawl area because of its consistency and surprising quality of the full force of the Atlantic swells, which produces excellent surf. Well-formed beachbreak peaks at this consistent and busy spot. Not so good when onshore. Beach car park. Popular with tourists. Rest Bay works pretty much up to high tide but is best around mid tide. There is a rip here which pulls you towards the cliffs on the left-hand side, but the beach is fairly safe and there is also a boat ramp to be aware of. On bigger swells this can act like a reef causing waves to break inside and onto it.

The beach here holds waves up to 6ft+ on good days and, more often than not, has nice hollow sections at low tide around the cliff. Being a beach break, the banks can shift and vary in quality but the best ones can usually be found towards the golf course.

Beginners should try and stay in front of the car park and be aware of rips as the tide pushes in. Nowadays the beach gets very busy on good days, so make sure you abide by the surfing rules! Don’t drop in and try and stay out of the riders way, if they’re up and riding. Paddle across the wave into the white water if necessary!

Lifeguards cover the beachs at weekends from May to September 10am to 6pm; Daily July and August 10.30am to 6pm. First aid is also available.


Wave Type: submerged reef left Breaks Over: uneven reef Best Tide: High tide only Best Wind: North Easterly Short, hollow, left reef in front of Porthcawl esplanade. Popular with lids and air loving groms. Park in town or car park. This spot is for experts only, nasty rocks so watch out when paddling in and out and make sure you know what the tides are doing! Generally only worth surfing on a fairly hefty swell.

The Point

Wave Type: pointbreak right Breaks Over: uneven reef Best Tide: High tide only Best Wind: North Easterly Right point located between and Trecco Bay, south of town. Fast, sucky drop before mellowing into a long wall. Only works when big swells make it up the channel. Busy local line-up when on. Advanced surfers only. Access through the caravan park.This spot works on a big NW swell and rarely gets classic. As such when it’s on, the local rippers are on it so don’t expect to get any waves!

The wave is steep, hollow and heavy with various jagged rocks near the take off area but the rides are long!

Check out the beach wizard for more user comments

Coney Beach

Wave Type: beach break shallow peaks in a Sheltered Bay Breaks Over: sand Best Tide: Incoming Wind: North Easterly Quality:Blue Flag award The most well-known tourist beach in the Porthcawl area – very popular with tourists on sunny days – good safe place to practice in winter

Trecco Bay

Wave Type: beach break shallow peaks in a Sheltered Bay Breaks Over: sand Best Tide: Incoming Wind: North Easterly Quality:Blue Flag award Another popular tourist beach  in the Porthcawl area – very popular with Caravan Park guests on sunny days

Newton Bay

Wave Type: beach break  peaks Breaks Over:           A sandy bay with some rocks Best Tide: Incoming Wind: Easterly Quality:none Stetches east from Trecco Bay. Backed up by Merthyr Mawr extensive Sand Dunes, best waves to the left hand side of the beach looking out to sea near the mouth of the Ogmore river. No parking – a long walk, best accessed from Ogmore but you will need to cross the river!