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Weekend Packages

Exciting stag and or hen weekend packages in Cardiff, Swansea and Porthcawl in South Wales.
Make the most of the beautiful and challenging, natural, outdoor environment in the South Wales combined with the exciting city centre nightlife

We'll take care of your accommodation, local transportation and look after you on your nights out.

Quest Adventures - Outdoor Adventures on Land & Sea

Kayaking in Porthcawl and beyond

Kayaking in Porthcawl and beyondA KAYAK UNDER EVERY BUTT!

Tour Guide – £45
Full day Kayak hire – £30
Half day Kayak hire – £20

Great beginners and improvers packages available with fantastic deals on equipment and training.

Give us your dry, your skittish, your landlubbing masses freaked out by “those skinny boats that people with ponytails flip over in.” The time has come for mothers, fathers, great-aunts, sushi chefs and T-ball players alike to christen their own simple, safe, human-powered thrill machine. To frolic in the surf. To land a lunker. To ditch the mother ship and play around a little. To rise up, change into shorts, then sit back down and become a kayaker.

Sit on top kayaks are the UK’s fastest growing Watersport! They are designed to be stable in the water allowing you to be able to climb onto it with ease. It has a wide base and central keel to stop it from rolling and enabling you to paddle in a straight line rather than spinning in circles getting frustrated and dizzy. They are more comfortable than a regular kayak, has a back rest, space to store a dry pod, great for all the family. The sit-on-top kayaks are made from very tough plastic so it lasts forever, and its also very light weight.

How To Choose A Kayak

Choosing a kayak always involves an element of compromise. Before choosing a model, it’s best to ask yourself several questions about what type of paddling activity you enjoy most, what type of water you paddle on most, assess how much gear you’ll have with you most often, and generally what type of performance you expect from your kayak. remember that many Ocean Kayaks will do all types of activities, but to varying degrees. Never hesitate to contact us if you are interested in the characteristics of a particular model, or are confused about how to get started.

One of our Frenzy KayaksFRENZY This kayak is 100% fun. If you’d like to do a little bit of everything but don’t have a lot of space, the Frenzy is just the ticket to an adventure on the water for the whole family.

One of our Yak BoardsYAK BOARD: Wanna surf? The Yak is the #1, no hassle, get-you-surfing-in-no-time kayak! Easy to carry and easy on the wallet, the Yak Board is an excellent way to start kayak surfing.

If you would like any more information or are interested in buying or hiring a kayak please give us a call today

Visit our shop in the heart of Porthcawl to find out more:
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Please contact us on:
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