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Weekend Packages

Exciting stag and or hen weekend packages in Cardiff, Swansea and Porthcawl in South Wales.
Make the most of the beautiful and challenging, natural, outdoor environment in the South Wales combined with the exciting city centre nightlife

We'll take care of your accommodation, local transportation and look after you on your nights out.

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Gorge Walking and Gorge Scrambling

Gorge Walking and Gorge Scrambling are the most popular adventure activity here in South Wales and the surrounding area’s of Cardiff, Swansea and the Brecon Beacons, taking in the stunning scenery of the national park Waterfalls and all the amazing fun and adventure the terrain has to offer. 

There are only a handful of accessible waterfall gorges in the world and we are blessed to have some of the best right here on our doorstep.

Marvel at the exhilarating, thrilling and breath-takingly stunning scenery of the Brecon Beacons national park.

An absolute favourite with groups, stag parties and hens parties and just 45 minutes from Cardiff, 25 minutes from Swansea, 20 minutes from Brecon town itself and 45 minutes from Hereford.

What is Gorge Walking and Gorge Scrambling?

Gorge Walking and Gorge Scrambling are the most popular events with all groups, waterfall climbs, wild swimming, cliff face traversing, trekking through rivers, scrambling up rocks, climbing river banks, rapid runs and jumping off waterfalls into crystal clear plunge pools all in the stunning setting of the Water falls region in the Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales.

Gorge Walking is the best way to combine various activities, such as walking, climbing, swimming, trekking, bouldering, jumping etc, in a beautiful environment. Imagine scrambling up the side of a spectacular waterfall, navigating through deep clefts at the side of a beautiful mountain, climbing up cascades and jumping into crystal clear deep mountain plunge pools, there’s no better way of finding an outdoor adventure!

Gorge Walking is an absolute favourite with all groups including stag groups, hens parties, youth groups, scout groups and company outings being just 45 minutes from Cardiff, 25 minutes from Swansea, 20 minutes from Brecon town itself.

Who are Gorge Activities suitable for ?

You don’t need any previous experience to go Gorge Walking or Gorge Scrambling. Our experienced guides can tailor the event to suit all levels of experience and ability. Most persons of general fitness and ability and above the age of 10 years old are able to take part in Gorge activites.

Most parts of the activitiy are optional so if the bigger jumps are not your thing or the though of swimming in the rivers dosent appeal then there is always the option to observe file still partaking in the whole event.
We take a huge variety of groups on the gorge, from Stag Parties and Hen parties to corporate team building and scout troops. We’ve welcomed both the young and not so young. Virtually anybody can enjoy the beautiful Brecon Beacons through Gorge Walking and Gorge Scrambling.


Do I need to be a strong swimmer for Gorge Walking?

The short answer is, No.

You will be provided all the required safety equipment for any Gorge Walking activity, including a buoyancy aid and our experienced guides can alter almost every part of the activity to cater for different levels. If you are particularly nervous around water, get in touch and we can go through things in more detail with you.

What do I need to bring?

We provide you with all of the required safety equipment for all Gorge Walking activities. These include wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets and their use is mandatory.

All you need to bring is something to wear under the wetsuit – shorts, swimming costume, base layer, etc, optionally a pair of shorts to wear over the wetsuit, a towel, sturdy pair of lace up trainers/shoes and an open mind.

What time do Gorge Walking and Scrambling activities start?

Gorge Walking activities are either a half day or a full day event and can be run at a specific time adapted for your group.

Generally Half day activities run in the morning and afternoon and last approx. 3-4 hours. Morning sessions are generally started  in order to be first on the canyoning site and afternoon sessions in order to start after the rest of the groups. Times can vary depending on the weather, time of the year,  group size and specific group requirements.

Full day Gorge Walking sessions usually start in the morning and usually run for 5 – 6 hours depending on the group size and ability.

How much does Gorge Walking cost and Gorge Scrambling Cost?

Gorge Walking and Gorge Scrambling prices include Buoyancy aid, Helmet, thick wet suit hire, comprehensive professional insurance, full licence, AALS Licencing and your fully qualified and experienced safety guide for the duration of your Canyoning activity.


Weekend from – £35 per person with group discount.

Mid-week from – £30 per person, with group discount.


Weekend from – £40 per person with group discount

Mid – Week – £35 per person with group discount
Individual prices will vary depending on the amount of persons taking part in the activity..

Where does Gorge Walking Take place and can transport be arranged?

Gorge Walking and Gorge Scrambling Activities are held in the stunning Waterfalls region of the Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales. The sites are easily reached from Cardiff (approx. 45 mins), Swansea (approx. 25 mins), Porthcawl(approx. 30 mins) and Brecon Town itself (about 20 mins).

If required we can arrange exclusive return transport from any area in South Wales at reduced contract costs starting from £160 for a 16 seater private bus up to larger coaches, or simply make your own way there with our directions.

Gorge walking can be combined with other activities such as climbing, surfing, kayaking, abseiling. Please contact us to discuss all the options available.

How do I book?

To book your Gorge Walking activity, either give us a call or fill our our contact form and we can discuss your needs and advise you on the various options available.

Why book with us?

Quest Adventures Activities Limited have been in operation since 1998 offering activities and adventures across South wales, the UK and around the world. We have an impeccable safety record backed up by our HSE recognised Activity Authority Licence and full professional insurance.AALA Logo

We are the actual provider and not an agent, therefore all bookings are direct offering in depth knowledge and experience, value for money, personal service, local knowledge and experience.

All our staff are highly qualified through a range of international licencing bodies and have many years of experience, working with individuals and groups on a variety of activities and locations.

We specialise in offering services to adult groups, youth groups, stag events, hen parties, scouts, schools, companies, film crews, Universities,  individuals in fact over the years we have catered for everyone wanting to enjoy the beauty and adventure the world has to offer.

Finally we love what we do, its the reason we started in the first place! our passion is our service and the event is the entertainment. If you love the wilds, Mountains, Sea, Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Waterfalls, Gorges, Canyons, Cliffs, Surf, Beach, exhilaration, adventure and excitement then you will love it too and we would be our pleasure to take you with us!

Will Photos be taken and can we take our own camera?

All our groups have the option of requesting souvenir photos to be taken whilst on the event free of charge, photos are simply requested to be taken when booking the activity.

The main purpose of the instructors and guides will be to assist with the activities safety therefore photos will be taken in areas where they can be safely conducted.

Participants are also allowed to take there own cameras but will take the chance of loss or damage due to the nature of the events.

To see the real life footage taken on the activities please visit our facebook site on our website.

What is the difference between Gorge Walking and Gorge Scrambling?

Gorge Walking and Gorge Scrambling are essentially the same activity held in the same region of the Brecon Beacons Waterfalls, Gorge Scrambling however offers the chance of extending the activity to head into the parts of the waterfalls region not accessible on a normal event. Scrambling enters the deeper part of the Gorge with access to areas of stunning beauty flowing rivers, rapids, bigger jumps, plunge pools and waterfalls.

Gorge Scrambling is therefore a more committed and longer event requiring greater stamina and durability, taking part over 4 – 5 hours in total, where as Gorge Walking is usually 3 hours in total.

Deeping on your needs or the groups requirements for the event Gorge Walking and Gorge Scrambling should suit all abilities, however if you are looking for bigger jumps, high commitment and an even greater physical and mental challenge take a look at the Canyoning and the Ultimate Mountain Challenge. There is always something for everyone in the falls.

What are the group rates and options available?

We provide rates for groups of 6 people or more and 12 persons or more. Please Contact us for more information, to discuss your requirements and a no obligation quote for your group.


“we would like to thank u and the other blokes for a wicked day on Sunday and we are all still talking about it!”

Dave from Rochester – Gorge Walking

“I wanted to thank you and the guys for the great day on Saturday – we all had a really good time -can’t wait to see the photos! thanks again”

Kathryn from London – Gorge Walking

“Absolutely brilliant! Can’t thank you enough for all your hard work, all the lads loved it! If you ever need a customer to recommend you for a stag do give me a shout I’d be happy to sing your praises!”

Ben from Shrewsbury – Stag Weekend Package

“Truly amazing time, on a high for the rest of the weekend, already talking about coming back, an amazing experience that we will never forget”

Alison from Buckinghamshire – Gorge Walking

“Thanks again for a great wknd on our Stag do in Cardiff, look forward to coming up again sometime either with the lads or some crazy kids!”

Chris from Swindon – Gorge Walking