Activities Cardiff, Swansea, South Wales Conditions Report 06.04.2016

Gorge Walking, Gorge Scrambling, Canyoning, Ghyll Scrambling activities near Cardiff, Swansea and South Wales:       All Gorge and Canyoning activities are looking perfect for the next few days. We are getting spells of rain on and off throughout the next few days keeping the water levels pretty constant in the Sychryd and the Mellte Gorges. This should mean constant water flow but not to excessive for the activities in the mountains. The land is also still holding water which is adding to the flow and keeping the waterfalls on a constant level.

Coasteering activities near Cardiff, Swansea in South Wales    Definite mixed bag this week for both coasteering and surfing, looking like a tale of two half's. The first half of the week is a definite No go the swell is huge and the wind to match so all coasteering events across the region would be unsuitable in fact down right dangerous, But then from the weekend the swell and the wind is dropping to much calmer conditions. This should mean that the regions in Swansea such as Caswell Bay and Ogmore by sea should be accessible and acceptable for the event. However this is only if the weather predictors are right so as always always keep an eye on the changing conditions.

Surfing, Surf Kayaking, Beach Activities and Paddle Boarding    Surfing this week is all about choosing the right location. The swell is big for the next few days but so is the wind so we need to take this into account, there are big westerly winds coming so beaches such as Rest Bay in Porthcawl and Llangenith in Swansea will be a no go but they should be working well from Saturday onwards. Coney beach in Porthcawl, Caswell and Langland in Swansea will be the best options for the next couple of days.

Activities in Cardiff, Swansea and South Wales    As always we have our usual suspects with us the next few days, Jon and the boys of there stag weekend in Cardiff will be with us Coasteering on Saturday if the conditions are suitable if not we will be heading off into the mountains for the canyoning. We also have Racheal and the ladies on there Hen party in Swansea heading off into the Gorge for there activity on Saturday. Through out the week we have been Surfing, Paddle Boarding, Gorge Walking, Kayaking and Coasteering, the season is definitely upon us.

Cautions - The water in the river a the sea is at its coldest point, 4 degrees river and 8 degrees in the sea, so take full protective measures to deal with the conditions. The wind and the swell will be strong and powerful over the next few days so caution should be taken with and Sea based event in the region.

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